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As a dentist, you know...

Increasing your revenue is a challenge.

You are rarely appreciated for your hard work.

Finding new patients is problematic and expensive.

You’re physically exhausted at the end of the day.

Solution: Join

Sleep Certified is the first & only low cost, fully comprehensive, online membership platform created exclusively for the ever growing community of Dentists treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

With thousands of potential patient referrals already in the pipeline, our goal is to become the leading referral service to dentists nationwide in a new and previously untapped opportunity.

Joining our network and becoming “Sleep Certified” will not only increase your practice revenue, it will also help you make a real difference in your patients everyday lives.

"My sleep is like when I was a kid - I wake up refreshed, awake, alert, and ready to start the day with eagerness and I'm dreaming again! I take less naps, I need less sleep, and my mind is clearer and sharper. The treatment has been life changing for me and my family". Mike N. - Los Angeles, CA.
  • Patient Referrals
  • Online Courses
  • Online Forum
  • Administrative Materials
  • Billing Solutions
  • Partnerships
  • With well over 1 million unique visits per year to our ZYPPAH consumer site, tens of thousands of consumers are in need of a Sleep Certified Dentist.
  • Patients will be directed to a Sleep Certified Dentist in their area.
  • Specialized 9-10-360 Marketing Strategy. Proven to work, easy to implement.
  • Sleep Certified is leading the way to Sleep Apnea awareness and will create a consistent flow of patients for Sleep Certified Dentists.
  • Comprehensive and incredibly convenient available online 24/7.
  • Specialized courses for you and your staff.
  • Continuously adding educational courses to keep you current and up to date.
  • Course instructors include experienced experts and top dentists in the industry that deal with Sleep Apnea every day.
  • 24-7 peer to peer support.
  • Get answers to your most difficult and pressing questions fast by leading experts.
  • You will never practice alone with the Zyppah Sleep Certified online Forum.
  • All documents and forms currently being used in leading sleep offices throughout the country are available to be downloaded including Informed Consent, Insurance Forms, Physician Referral Letters and many more.
  • Customized office marketing materials, documents and forms.
  • We have educational courses and webinars giving you the tools to facilitate in house medical billing.
  • Registration discount for one of the premier medical billers in the Sleep Apnea field.
  • Pristine Medical Billing: Experienced and proven medical biller for dentists treating Sleep Apnea in their practice.
  • WaterMark SleepMed: The leaders in sleep testing bring Sleep Certified members special pricing on leasing and owning Home Sleep Testing (HST) Equipment for their offices.
  • SML (Space Maintainers Lab): Many benefits throughout their extensive line of sleep appliances from this world renowned lab. Members receive $150 off the cost of each custom Zyppah appliance.
  • Reliable direct to patient sleep testing and diagnosis. They have created solutions that keep dentists and their patients in the loop with real-time, automated, status notifications.
  • Vatech: Exclusive benefits and discounts on their industry leading Cone Beam 3D imaging systems.
  • Benco: Providing unparalleled support and pricing for your dental practice supplies and needs. They stand above all others with their commitment to customer service.
  • Unique member benefits and services, not available outside of the membership.
  • More partners coming soon!

New Benefit for Charter Members!

We have removed the barriers
Patient treatment with a guaranteed reimbursement in just a few steps......

Screening of Patients:
Identify those At-Risk for Snoring and Sleep Apnea issues.
"Direct Connect" your At-Risk patients to Sleep Certified medical specialists.
We will consult with your patient., educate about the process, answer any questions & verify Insurance benefits ($15 fee to the patient)
We complete the required patient process including testing, diagnosis & financial arrangements
Tele-medicine appointments, home sleep study, a diagnosis from sleep physician, medical insurance pre- authorization, order/RX for oral appliance treatment sent to your practice.
Higher patient acceptance due to In-Network billing with lower out of pocket costs
Practice will receive RX for OAT & Schedule Patient for:
Exam & Films, Dental Impressions, Delivery of appliance, 1-2 Adjustment appointments
Receive Guaranteed Reimbursement
Based on completed procedures of: Exam, Films, Impressions, Appliance Delivery, & Adjustment Appointments.

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As a sleep apnea sufferer, I know how important the dentist can be treating this life-threatening medical condition. Previously helping my patients required overcoming hospital-based sleep studies, Byzantine medical billing and inadequate continuing education. Sleep certified now offers me a comprehensive system to treat my sleep apnea patients and truly make a difference in their health. I’m very excited to have joined the program and am thankful that my Benco rep brought Sleep Certified to my attention.

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Jack Rosenberg, DMD

The creation of Dr. Greenburg’s Sleep Certified program is, in my opinion, a blessing. There are several different treatment philosophies in DSM. He and all of the mentors and staff are allowing we as members to stay focused on a proven methodology. Dentist are easily distracted when a new technology, gadget or widget comes along. I feel this is an opportunity to be on a journey with the “best” And that gives me a lot of confidence. Thank you Sleep Certified and God Bless!

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Steven E. Todd, DMD, ABOI/ID, MACD, MSC

About 3 years ago I was stuck going nowhere with my pursuit of actually practicing sleep medicine. Then I decided to train myself and my team with Dr. Jonathan Greenburg and what was then Zyppah (now Sleep Certified). I not only received world class, up to the minute education in every phase of treating sleep apnea patients, but they also provided me with the best support I have ever received. I still use them for staying up to date and helping me fix tough issues. I am now considered one of the top dental sleep apnea providers mainly because of the training and support I received from Dr. Greenburg and his team.
Statement from the Sleep Certified website: We are a community that is inclusive and committed to removing the barriers for dentists to treat and grow the sleep portions of their practice.
“I can tell you without a doubt, that they have done that for me and there is no doubt that they will do it for you. So use them!

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David Slobodinsky, DDS

I chose to become a part of Sleep Certified (SC) to broaden my knowledge and treatment options for patients with SDB. SC provides regular educational opportunities through webinars, educational videos, newsletters, weekly sleep tips and live Facebook; all of which are archived on their website in a very functional and staff friendly fashion. Need a research article or office form - look no further as you will find it at your fingertips. Have questions – they provide one of the best organized, although underutilized forums out there. With the above being said I have found their “treatment model” to be potentially one of the biggest game changers for a dental practice treating sleep disorders in that they provide the instruction and methods to incorporate multiple night studies and PAP Therapy within your office. The different options this provides allows the dental office to be a true provider of proper and monitored therapy for patients that struggle within what is otherwise a very fragmented diagnostic and treatment environment.
If I could change one thing it would be an increase in the number of patients SC refers to our offices as they suggest can and will be done. It seems to me this last issue is simply testimony to what I have said for many years- “it is harder to get a sleep patient than it is to treat one” as I myself am not aware of any practice that has experienced the benefit of any significant referrals from the SC process.

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John L. Bouzis, DDS

Sleep Certified Membership Program...

  • Will give dentists the expertise and confidence needed to incorporate sleep apnea treatment into their practice.
  • Guide you through screening, treating and billing your patients.
  • Is affordable, proven to work and easy to implement.
  • Provides you with new SLEEP & DENTAL patients.
  • Provides you and your team with a broad range of cutting edge online educational courses.
  • Substantially increase the value of your practice and provide the retirement income that you dreamed of in Dental school.

It’s risk free!

Meet The Founder

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg

Dr. Greenburg is one of the foremost authorities on treating Snoring & Sleep Apnea (OSA) in the United States. He was unhappy with the lack of knowledge by most Dentists treating OSA and dreamed of creating centers that consistently provided the highest level of quality care. The result was the creation of "Snore Experts" which, after more than a decade of treating Los Angeles patients, has grown to 5 successful locations in Southern California.

Sleep Certified represents the newest dream of taking his success in the Sleep field and sharing it with dentists nationwide so they can provide the same high quality treatment in their communities.

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We know that whether you are treating your first Sleep patient, or are a seasoned veteran, trying something new can be stressful. We’ve taken a great deal of time and energy to build strong relationships with not only the companies whose services will make your transition to a Sleep expert that much easier, but more importantly the people who make up those companies.