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Oral Appliance Therapy.

Patients diagnosed with sleep apnea that are CPAP intolerant can be treated with an oral appliance. Worn only during sleep, a custom oral appliance fits like a sports mouth guard or an orthodontic retainer. Your Sleep Certified Dentist will recommend the oral appliance that is best for you. Oral appliance therapy is covered by many medical insurance plans.


(Continuous/Automatic Positive Airway Pressure) More severe Sleep Apnea cases often require CPAP/APAP machines. They work by opening up the airway with a pressurized airflow.

Ask your Sleep Certified Dentist about the Zyppah appliances.

*Not all Sleep Certified Dentists treat with Zyppah appliances.

Zyppah K

A lightweight, non-invasive, vacuum-form appliance formed to fit comfortably over the teeth. The device advances the lower jaw – holding it forward to maintain an open airway - while the custom Green Zyppah Band stabilizes the tongue and keeps it from obstructing the airway.

Zyppah T

The Zyppah T provides success in the treatment of severe obstructive sleep apnea and TMD cases.

Zyppah Pro

The Zyppah Pro is a temporary appliance for treating Sleep Apnea. It is an FDA approved, boil-and-bite oral appliance that is effective, safe and easy to use. This appliance has the ability to adjust the lower jaw advancement. *This device can only be delivered by a Sleep Certified Dentist.

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